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Superstars & Signatures 

Welcome to my “Superstars & Signatures” series where you will find unique portraits of sporting superstars who we admire, and who have inspired us for their amazing feats on the sporting field.  Just as importantly, they continue to inspire us off the sporting field with their generosity and contribution to causes and charities that they are passionate about.

Each unique portrait painting has been personally signed by the “Superstar”, elevating the portrait to something extremely scarce and desirable and will be auctioned at specific events to raise some funds for the athletes charity of choice. 

Please click on an image to find out the story behind the painting!
Adam Gilchrist – “The Greatest” 

Usman Khawaja - "Perspective"

Usman Khawaja Portrait 2019.jpg
Roger Federer - "The Power Within"
Within my series of “Superstars and Signatures” is the greatest Tennis player the world has ever seen, Roger Federer. Roger loved the painting and signed the painting below in January 2015.  The title of the painting is “The Power Within”.  This stunning portrait will be auctioned at the Perth Ronald McDonald House Gala Ball in November 2017 with 50% of the sale price going directly so support vulnerable families at a time of great need.  The style of the Roger Federer painting is bright and bold, capturing the character of the “Superstar”, capturing the look that Roger gives… one of determination and power!
Rafael Nadal - "Intense"
Erin Phillips - "Inspiration"
Rafael Nadal Final.jpg
Erin Phillips Portrait.jpg
Layne Beachley - "Spiritual Home"
Layne Final.jpg
Ash Barty - "Fierce"
Andrew Bogut - "The Warrior"
Liz Ellis -"From Determination"
Ash Mobile Phone for Website.jpg
Bogut Final.jpg
Mobile Phone.jpg
Novak Djokovic - "Tough"
Justin Langer - "Mateship"
Matthew Dellavedova - "Never Give Up"
Justin Langer Portrait Painting low res.jpg
Delly Portrait Painting.jpg
Shaun Burgoyne - "Silk"
Shaun Burgoyne wix.jpg
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