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Usman Khawaja - "Perspective"

Usman Khawaja Portrait 2019.jpg

                                                Charity of Choice - The Usman Khawaja Foundation


Usman Khawaja is an Australian Cricketer who represents Queensland and Australia.  Usman was born in Pakistan and came to Australia with this family when he was 5 years old.  He is the first Muslim and first Pakistani-born Australian to play test cricket for Australia and only the seventh foreign-born cricketer to do so in the last 80 years.

In recent years Usman has established the Usman Khawaja Foundation to alleviate disadvantage experienced by youth through the provision of educational and cricketing opportunities.  The Foundation aims to develop well-rounded leaders and cricketers by increasing opportunities for participation in cricket, academic endeavour, social mobility and the development of networks for youth from disadvantaged communities, including new immigrants and refugees.

You will see in this portrait the background colours represent Usman’s connection to his Queensland Bulls cricket team, the Australian cricket team and his Muslim Faith.  The necklace Usman wears was given to him by his Mum…and he never takes it off!

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