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Williamstown Football Club 150th Anniversary

Uncovering the stories of the people and places is always a joy when working on a design for such a historic anniversary. This 300 + hour painting was designed to tell the story of the club from their first premiership flag in 1907 through to their triumphant victory in 2003. Iconic faces and places are seamlessly woven together throughout the painting including the five inductees into the hall of fame, Point Gellibrand Oval and Williamstown historic Port. The painting features many facmous faces including Barry Round, Terry Wheeler, Ron Todd, Bill and Dane Swan to name a few. 

150 limited edition prints were created to mark this unique occasion with each copy hand signed by the games record holder at the time (Troy West) and the Captain of the Team of the Century (Gerry 'Monster” Callahan). 

If you would like to order a superbly framed, limited edition hand signed print then please send me an email. 

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